PRE-ORDER A fun game for Halloween at home, especially with the kids! You get 12 homemade marshmallows in different flavours - some a TREAT - think raspberry ripple, vanilla or lemon and some with be a TRICK (insert evil laugh!!!).  Spin the spinner to get a number and then pick one of two marshmallows for that number - will it be a trick or treat.... only one way to find out!! Good Luck!


This product is made in conjunction with an amazing local business called Tandem Green, who make lovely cards & amazing items for kids. They have designed the spinner, but are also providing a Halloween activity spinner on the reverse so you can keep it to play again and again! You will also get a Tandem Green Halloween themed colouring sheet.


The kit contains:

1 Spinner - double sided

12 Homemade Marshmallows of different flavours

1 Tandem Green Halloween Colouring In Card

1 Secret Card with the marshmallow flavours you can open after the game!



Marshmallows - Sulphites (& gelatine - not suitable for vegans/vegetarians)


All trick marshmallows will be real edible flavourings, unlike the Bean Boozled game, they are just flavours you would not expect marshmallows to be!


Other Halloween products will be launching shortly, some fun activities for kids if they arent allowed to go out Trick or Treating or able to attend Halloween Parties.


This item will be posted in time to receive for Halloween.

PRE-ORDER Halloween Trick or Treat Marshmallow Game

  • No returns or refunds can be provided due to the edible nature of the items.