Worries about running out of ideas for Elf on the Shelf this year? I have you covered and the bonus is you get some yummy treats to eat too!! You have a few days use out og this kit too! See below. Please note this is a pre-order item that will be posted to receive during the advent period.


Kit contains:

- 1 x cookie tray vanilla cookie

- bag of mini peppermint marshmallows kisses (or elf poos!!)

- metal whisk ornament

- metal measuring spoons ornament

- christmas sprinkles


Optional extras:

- festive white chocoalte hot chocoalte stirrer with mini marshmallows, festive sprinkles & chocolates £2.50 each

- Elf on the Shelf Toy Doll £10


Set up options

1. Baking cookies

2. Baking meringues kisses

3. Elf Poop (see pictures)

4. Hot Chocolate Elf



Cookie - Wheat, Egg & Milk

Meringues - Egg

Hot Chocolate Spoons - Milk & Soya


Contains small parts so requires adult supervision.

PRE-ORDER Elf on a Shelf Baking Set

Optional Extras
  • No returns or refunds can be provided due to the edible nature of the items.