Baking Box with weighed out ingredients to make your own Jammy Cherry Bakewell Flapjack, including a recipe card with simple instructions to bake the goods at home.  Just add 130g unsalted butter and a small amount of cold water.


Easy to follow recipe for both adults and kids to bake and enjoy. All the equipment you need is a mixing bowl, spoon, rectangular baking tin, knife, chopping board., couple of small bowls and spoons Each box contains all dry ingredients, allergens and best before information. The perfect kid's baking box! 


Allergens: Nuts, Sulphites & Milk 

Possible traces of all allergens.


Adult Supervision Required if Children are baking.

Jammy Cherry Bakewell Flapjack Baking Box

  • No returns or refunds can be provided due to the edible nature of the items.