Monthly subscription for the baking boxes! One box will be sent to you in the post each month. Each month will have a different recipe - all suitable for baking with kids and adults alike. Get creative in the kitchen and make memories as well as yummy treats! Perfect gift for kids, bakers, foodies and cooking enthusiasts.


12 months for the of 10 - 2 FREE months! Only £100! (£160 with postage)

6 months for the price of 5 - 1 FREE month! Only £50! (£80 with postage)

3 months - Get 10% off! Only £27! (£42 with postage)


If its for a gift, use the recipients details for the postal address and add any gift message to the notes section - which will be included in the first box.


All boxes contain allergens and can't be changed to accomodate dietary requirments. Boxes cannot be cancelled or exchanged.


Children will need adult supervision when baking.


IF YOU ARE LOCAL TO LICHFIELD AND WISH TO COLLECT THE BOX EACH MONTH - please use the following coupon codes to received a discount for postage at checkout:


3 month subscription - 3POST

6 month subscription - 6POST

12 month subscription - 12POST


This will then discount the postal costs off at checkout so you are just paying for the boxes. We will need tocommunicate monthly to arrange collection of the boxes.


Baking Box Subscription - up to 12 months available with discounts!