The 5 Best Cake Decorating Tools

I have been wanting to do this blog for a long time as its a question I always get asked, especially on my adult cake decorating classes. So here goes, my most favourite cake decorating tools that I can't live without!!

1. Colour Mill

First up - cause I couldn't live without them - Colour Mill colours. Now these are pretty life changing for a few reasons:

  1. They colour chocolate and paint on buttercream beautifully, as they are oil based

  2. They go really far, so you don't need much

  3. You can actually achieve really pretty pastels

But basically I use them ALL the time now, and am growing quite a collection - lol! This pink set is perfect, cos I don't know about you but I seem to use pink every single week! You can get your hands on it here.

2. Ateco Turntable

Again - another essential. The Ateco turntable makes cake decorating so much easier. They spin beautifully smoothly and are so heavy! They really do make my life loads easier!! I use mine for every single cake both for stacking layers & decorating.

This is the link to the one I use - I like it as I prefer it to the iron base as it has a silicon non-slip base which I feel fine with on my Quartz worktops!!

3. Detailing Tools

I rarely decorate a cake with these detailing tools now. First the thinner ones are great for filling the gap at the base of each tier when stacking tiers when working on a buttercream finished cake. I also use them to finish off my sharp edges on the top of each tier too.

They are also great for adding and creating textured buttercream decoration as well as floral and leaf impressionist designs. They really are useful for lots of other things to, fantastic for any cake designer, get your hands on some here.

4. Acrylic Ganaching Disks

I use ganaching plates on all my cakes, whether I am using buttercream or ganache and whether I add sugarpaste or not. I find they are the easiest and least time consuming way of getting straight and sharp edged tiers. I have actually has my own produced as I found the .25" versions to small and the .5" versions had too much buttercream, so mine are designed as in between those sizes. You can see buy them here.

5. Extra Tall Metal Scraper

Finally, this is a must!! I use it on every. single. cake. Get an extra tall one as they can still be used on extended or double tier cakes - they make them so much easier - a caker's best friend. I must have every type of scraper in my cake tool drawer, made of every material! Plastic, acrylic, bendy plastic, metal - you name it. But I always return to my trusty metal, extra tall one. They definitely seem to get a great finish and I love that you can heat them to get an even smoother finish. Plus - I use them as a palette to mix my buttercream when applying fine detail to a cake and even clean up my crumbs and mess on my bench with them. Makes life so much easier so grab one here!

There are tonnes more recommendations from me on my website so check them out here.

Look out for my next blog soon, where I will be telling you all about my top five must have baking tools! You don't wanna miss out on that!

*Please note this blog contains affiliate links for the products mentioned.

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