#MarchMeetTheMaker Part 3 of 3

This is the final instalment of the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge (a couple of days late due too the bank holiday!!) and I have really enjoyed sitting down and thinking of all the elements about me and The Cake Spa! So grab a cuppa and take two minutes for yourself and learn a bit more about me!

21. Stories - A Day in the Life Of....

This is quite a difficult one for a caker, as every day is different and the process happens over a number of days, especially for wedding cakes! Preparation for wedding cakes can begin weeks ahead of time! But to give you an idea of what is involved in preparing the cake:

  • day one - baking, covering boards, colouring sugarpaste, preparing decorations

  • day two - making buttercream/fillings, torting, filling and layering the cake, covering in sugarpaste

  • day three - decorating the cake, doing any piping, stencilling or painting, stacking cakes and finishing touches, such as adding borders and ribbon around the board. Taking photos and delivery or pickup.

  • day four - editing photographs, adding watermarks and posting on various social media sites.

22. Sketchbook & Lists

I have the most beautiful sketchbook, which is made out of upcycled fabric off cuts and is from Kapdaa - it truly is stunning! The main issue with this is I am often too scared to sketch in it!! I don't want to ruin it!

23. Hands at Work

I haven't done may hands at work photos as such, but I love posting progress shots and also sneak peeks that people can have a go at guessing at! This is a picture of progress when making sugarflowers - lots of equipment and I promise it;s organised chaos.... it becomes a bit of a production line. Definitely one of my favourite places to be! I also really enjoyed doing live broadcasts of my working on Periscope, but haven't done that in a while. Maybe I need to look into starting FB Lives. I think people like to look in and see into the caker's world!

24. Achievements

I have grown and grown with many of the cakes that I can now look back on and view them as achievements, especially my first wedding cakes. My first ever wedding cake was for my sister, and I did a surprise dessert table with macarons, cookies, meringue kisses, chocolate marshmallow pops and cupcakes - two and half hours away! Don't really know how I pulled it off! The other is getting bronze awards at Cake International, the world's largest cake show which is held at the NEC in Birmingham. I love the show, both as a competitor and attendee! I would highly recommend you attend! The fab photo is from Robbie Dee, who does an amazing job at the show! Finally, being involved in cake collaborations and making it into magazines

twice, is another major highlight, so thanks to

Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft magazine.

25. Being a Maker Means...

Everything to me! I was never particularly good at art at school, but have always been creative and crafty. I also like to think I have an eye for design, colours, interiors, etc. So to find a way of focusing and developing my creative energy into caking, something I absolutely love, is literally the best thing!

26. Books, Blogs and Podcasts

Books! Cooking, baking and sugarcraft books... now you're talking! Love them! Have to be honest, I am no blogger or vlogger! And I don't really follow many. However, I do love to talk cake, so thought I should give it a go! Podcasts are not something I use either. I do watch a lot of YouTube videos and spend hours on Instagram, stalking many caker, design and interiors pages!

27. Recommend a Maker

Love this point! So many makers that I love and I really do try and buy local and independent whenever I can! For kiddies clothes, I love Rhi's work at JMW Kids, so many cute prints, good fit and lovely quality. Marshmallow Bar do some amazing work - you must check them out, I need an excuse to order some soon!! BrambleSky make the most beautiful custom wooden signs for your wedding, go take a look here! Another maker who made this amazing log planter for me, Norfolk Log Planters, that I filled with succulents and micro led lights. If you want some log planters for your wedding or event - go check him out too!

28. Organised

I like to get organised, as with all my equipment, I would never find anything I needed! I also like to be organised with admin - whether it's paperwork or getting my spreadsheet on! I also seriously rely on my calendar and reminders! I'm always pinging!

29. Community

The cakers' community can be a strange one! It can be very bitchy and mean, but i have to say on the whole my personal experience is very much one of supportive and lovely people! I don't think I have been lucky, I think I have just been lucky to meet the like-minded ones. I am also lucky to have caker friends all across the UK and world from America to Australia, Burntwood to Cork, Switzerland to Scotland, Wyoming to Wales... I really love these girls and the support and kindness they show!

30. Top Tip or Advice

This is a tough one. Top Tip in general for life.... Be kind, pay it forward, support independent and shop local.

Wedding Cake Top Tip - If you are ordering multiple flavoured cakes, order more servings as most people wont be able to resist not trying a couple of flavours!

31. Creative Friends

I have already covered this area in the makers and community sections really. But will maybe diversify and give a quick nod to my beautiful besties! Been pals with the girls since school and they are still by best buds. They are super supportive of what I do and eat lots of my cake! So here they are.... the beauts:

So that't it! The challenge is over. It has been great to sit and think about these things. I hope you learnt something about me and The Cake Spa and enjoyed the first blogs. Here's to the next!!

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