#MarchMeetTheMaker Part 2 of 3

So in my part 2 of this challenge, here is day 11 to 20!

11. Branding

I had my branding done a couple of years ago, I had a few versions of my logo done. I think its quite clean and modern in design and fits with my caking aesthetic. Heather (from Feather and Flourish) did my logos and I was more than please with them, hope you like it too. She also does fabulous calligraphy courses for beginners and gorgeous wedding stationery too!

12. Postage and Packing

To be honest I don't post anything and package very little. I generally set up the cakes so no need for packaging, buy I do have stickers - mostly metallic foils - which I love. Hoopsy Print also provided me with a fab order book which I love! She does some amazing products and I'm going to be getting some new business cards from them soon!

13. Work Clothes

As a baker I don't really have work clothes.... I have an apron and a chefs coat and a t-shirt with my logo, but that's it! Whatever I wear it ends up white with icing sugar!

14. Dreams & Plans

Big Dreams! I would love to make really successful career doing what I love. As well as bigger and better wedding cakes, I would also love to do more competitions and some teaching. Whichever way it goes, my heart will always be made of cake!!

15. Boomerang

I have to be honest, I don't have Boomerang, and although my friends use it all the time, it is generally only to record us "cheers-ing" our bubbles!!

16. Helper

I don't have an official helper, but when I have wedding cakes, my Mum comes and helps wash all the dishes which really helps me a lot! She is also a much better at it than me! I rely on my dishwasher way too much!

17. Customers & Feedback

Most of my the cakes I do at the moment are family, friends or friends and family of my friends who have eaten my cake. As well as loving the decoration, often wondering how it was done, I always get great feedback about the taste of my cake. My zingy lemon is a real fave!

18. Inspiration

Most of my inspiration comes from other cakers who I look up to but also design wise my inspiration comes from all around me. A lot of inspiration from interiors, industrial style, patterns, nature, all around me! This caker from Hey There Cupcake is one whose style I love, and who got me into the medium of wafer paper. I got Stevie Auble's book just after Christmas and absolutely love it! You can buy it here.

19. Can't Live Without

So many things I couldn't live without when I'm baking! My:

  • My Neff oven - love Neff, and my two double ovens are a lifesaver!

  • K-Mix - so good for my buttercream to make it all smooth and whippy!

  • Rolkem Super Gold - I use it on pretty much everything!

  • "The Mat" - Can't cover a cake without it now!

  • Massa Ticino Superpaste - The best and most expensive on the market, buy boy is it worth it!

  • Glass of NZ SVB!!

20. Tools & Materials

I have LOTS of tools and materials! All organised in boxes to make sure I can find what I need. I also LOVE this magnetic sprinkles board I made to organise all my sprinkles on! Love chevron and my gorgeous rose gold sign from Echo Designs!

That's the end of the second part then, the last one is still to come, keep you eye out!

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