#MarchMeetTheMaker Part 1 of 3

So for my first blog post on my brand new shiny website, I thought I would jump on the #MarchMeetTheMaker bandwagon and let you know a bit more about me and The Cake Spa! Rather than posting every day (as I missed the start of the challenge... oops!) I thought I would post the month long challenge over a few blog posts instead. So here is part one, days 1-10!

1. You

Hi! I am Laura and I have always been into baking and cooking. A few years ago I began decorating cakes for family occasions and fell in love. I am super passionate about design and modern twists on cakes and I get my inspiration from loads of places - architecture, interiors, homeware, crafts and all over the place! Outside of caking, I love spending time with my other half, family and friends and especially my beautiful little niece.

2. Where

I am lucky enough to be based in a gorgeous tiny idyllic city called Lichfield in Staffordshire (not far from Birmingham), famous for an amazing cathedral with three spires! Nothing more I like than wandering into the city, walking over the cobbled stones, grabbing a fabulous coffee from Melbourne in Lichfield or nipping into the local bakery, Bore St Bakery, for some amazing sourdough or getting some top quality grub at the Sauce Supper Club, hosted by The Boat Inn, who have bought unreal fine dining to Lichfield.

3. How you started

I first started baking with my Nan as a little child, when we used to stay for the holidays and I always baked with my Mum at Christmas. I loved it then as much as I do now! More recently I dabbled in doing more baking and occasion cakes, and went to night school to learn sugarcraft with Sugarcraft Social in Tamworth and I learnt so much! And it all evolved from there, I bought more equipment, tried out more techniques and I never stop learning!

4. Favourite to make

My favourite to make cakes are super modern urban wedding cakes, anything with metallic or geometric designs and I also have a love for wafer paper! Texture is another big favourite of mine, so I love recreating textures and patterns I see on cakes.

5. Photography

My photography really needs some work but has definitely improved from a few years ago! I am getting to the point where I am understanding angles, styling and light more! I also love the technique of blurring the background. Still trying to make my cake photos as Instagrammable as possible!! But I do still need to invest in a proper camera and setup. This, however, is a shot from a recent wedding that I am most proud of.

6. Workspace

I am really lucky that we have just finished an brand new kitchen extension, so I now have an absolutely gorgeous new workspace! I have all my equipment stored within the island and everything is finally organised! I can work on the island for both baking and decorating. I also have my very own double oven just for cake... I am so lucky! We went for a modern, clean and contemporary look with splashes of metallic, as you can see. Also, check out my stunning bronze feature wall from Venetian Wall Designs in Rugeley, Cannock. Keep your eye out on my Facebook page as I will be doing a live sometime soon to show you my new kitchen!

7. Routine

I really love to be organised and I am definitely a list lover! Each week is different depending on what cakes I have on, but I like to prepare and get ahead! So often make flowers, toppers and other decorations ahead of time to make sure they are dried out in time.

8. Flatlay

I thought I would combine the photo for both routine and flatlay. So this is one of the attempts to get organised but I also have a love for fab stationery! Especially when it's gold... and stripes... and polka dot... LOVE!

9. How it's made

How it's made is a tough one as for cakes it's pretty obvious... eggs, butter, sugar, etc! But it is worth pointing out that nearly always the decorations on my cakes are totally edible, and normally made of some form of sugar. I love making flowers out of sugar or wafer paper and its so flattering when people don't realise they are edible!

10. Time to relax

Relaxing for me weirdly is doing sugarcraft - I find it really therapeutic! Rolling out hundreds of leaves is really repetitive and clears my mind. Personally though, I love going out for quality food, relaxing with a coffee and magazine (especially our fabulous local luxury lifestyle magazine, J'aime) in my new kitchen, chilling on the sofa, listening to music or travelling across the world to find a gorgeous beach, like this one!

So thanks for joining me, that's me... part one done! Keep your eye out for part two!

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