Keeping your Cakes Cool!

Well, what amazing weather we are having at the moment in the UK - we are actually getting a proper summer!! But for cakers it is not ideal, with stories of melting cakes, collapsing tiers and pools of buttercream... a caker's nightmare!! So here's a few tips on how to store, travel with and keep your celebration and wedding cakes safe in this weather!

There are two types of cake, buttercream and sugarpaste cakes, and different storage tips for each.

Buttercream or Semi-Naked Cakes

Now, buttercream really does not like this weather. It really does just give up! So here's some top tips for buttercream, naked and semi-naked cakes:

  • Keep the cake refrigerated wherever possible, especially prior to travel

  • If you can't refrigerate it, make sure the cake is kept in the coolest place you have

  • If you are travelling with the cake for a longer journey, try and put it in the cake box, inside a cool bag with ice packs to keep it cool

Sugarpaste or Fondant Cakes

Now fondant can be a bit kinder in the hotter weather (once it's on the cake!):

  • I would advise to keep the cake in the coolest place possible, but not the fridge

  • You can place the cake in front of a fan to keep it cool too

  • Be open to have a chocolate ganache filling rather than buttercream as it can cope better in the heat (and is pretty yummy!)

General Tips for All Decorated Cakes

There are a few tips that are relevant regardless of the type of cake:

  • Always keep cakes in the coolest place you can

  • Travel with the cake flat in the boot

  • If travelling, ensure the car is cool prior to leaving and whack up that air con!

  • Don't leave the cake in the car while you run other errands!

  • Only put the cake on display at the last possible moment, especially if its outside

  • Once the cake is cut, keep it cool and covered with some cling film to keep it fresh.

  • Eat the cake as soon as possible... That shouldn't be difficult!!

I hope the tips help and enjoy the gorgeous weather..... and your fabulous cake!!

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