Equipment Bundles & Affiliate Links



All the tools you need!


So at the classes I offer equipment bundles with all the essential basic tools you need to recreate your cakes at home! If you want a bundle just drop me an email and I will arrange getting it to you.


Full Equipment Bundle is £50 and contains:

PME Turntable

PME 6" Cake Pan, 4" deep

PME Cake Leveller

PME Metal Scraper

PME 9" Spatula

PME Mini Spatula

Spirit Level

Silicone Spatuala

2D Piping Tip

No 1 Piping tip

Colour Splash Gel Colour


Rainbow Dust Gold Paint

3 Piping Bags

2 Bag Clips

Silicone Mat

Small Equipment Bundle - as above but without the turntable & Cake tin is £30.


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